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Range is Officially Open!!!


Range will be open Monday evenings and Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6. If you would like to use the range other days, that can be arranged by appointment.

New For 2019!!!!!


Card reader system. All machines will be operated by "card reader" This means a participant will need to use his/her individual card to activate the machines. Pre paid cards will be available. This means you can pre pay cards and shoot at any time of the day any day!!! Machines will be loaded and person will be available if there are problems with a machine. More Freedom to shoot.

There will be an enclosed rifle range with berms up to 450 yards at this time. We will be attempting to reach 800 yards later this spring. There will also be an enclosed 5 stand for cold weather use and instructions. The building shell is up and just waiting for some warm weather to spray foam insulate!!! Need warm weather soon!

You do not need to be a member to shoot league. Any other shooting requires a membership. Daily use for range is $15. Yearly membership for single is $65. Family membership is $125 per family. This includes reduced rates for use of the building and facility for events!

UNI Panther Shoot, Cedar Falls Gun Club


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